The Volvo Polestar 2 is the primary Google Android automobile

Volvo’s most recent emblem, Polestar, took the wraps off the Polestar 2 the day before today, the organization’s all-electric powered Tesla Model 3 fighter. Polestar has carried out a few new rethinking of the way an automobile ought to paintings (The car starts through a chair-installed strain transfer! It has a loopy ownership subscription plan!). […]

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithm Updates, Domain Properties Replaced Property Sets & Google Ads Drops Average Position

This week in search, I covered two different Google seek algorithm updates that touched down inside the past seven days. Google has discontinued Property Sets in Google Search Console, but it’s miles being replaced through Domain Properties, which require DNS verification except you operate Google Domains. Google’s found on the internet featured snippet has sparked […]

Google Updates: Fresh air, chat with Duo, and Chrome pace boost

NORMALLY AFTER a massive show like MWC, we like to tell you approximately something kooky merchandising the Google group has come up with. This year, however, it turned into plenty the same as last – a trail of stands to acquire Bugdroid badges and an “Android Avenue” of demos. So it’s enterprise as regular – […]