Yesterday, I suddenly acquired an update to the “Emergency Information” app, which modified it into “Personal Safety” and additionally found out that vehicle crash detection and emergency message sharing were coming to Pixel smartphones. Today, I all of sudden received an update for every other app: the leaked Google Recorder app from the Pixel 4 XL. This easy app helps you to record audio from the microphone, but that’s about it. With the update that I obtained, the Recorder app now routinely transcribes audio recordings and lets you seek via them.
I’m now not going to provide an explanation for how I was given this replace. I’m nevertheless now not positive myself, although I do have a principle as to why. In any case, the first screenshot at the left (underneath) suggests the changelog within the Google Play Store, at the same time as the second one screenshot on the proper (under) suggests the welcome display while you first launch the app after the update. The biggest new function is the automatic transcription of audio, which is also observed by audio seek so that you can discover essential phrases or phrases from a recording. Lastly, the welcome display also tells the person that audio recordings, transcriptions, and search are all dealt with offline.

Here are screenshots showing off the functions from the brand new replace. The audio transcription wasn’t a hundred% accurate (I don’t genuinely blame it for not spelling my call successfully), however, it did get the gist of what I become saying. I recorded this in a quiet room, although, so I could expect it to be quite accurate anyway. I’ll strive it out in extra conditions to see how properly it fares.

For reference, here’s what I simply said:

Hi, my name is Mishaal Rahman for XDA-Developers, trying out the present-day model of the leaked Google Recorder app. I by hook or by crook managed to get a replacement to this app, despite the fact that I don’t think that’s supposed to show up. So I’m simply trying out out the transcription function.

One cool function is the capacity to discover a specific part of the audio recording by using trying to find a phrase or phrase spoken inside the recording. For example, after I seek “XDA” it delivered me to about 3 seconds into the recording considering that that’s where I stated “XDA-Developers.”

I don’t assume this replace to the Google Recorder app is generally available yet, but we’ll allow you to recognize whilst it receives introduced. Google will probably launch it with the Pixel 4 on October 15th.

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Update: More Details

After digging into the APK, right here’s what I observed:

There’s a retail demo mode so that you’ll probably see it running on Pixel 4 units in retail stores. Here’s a brief video of the demo.
Recognized audio occasions encompass Applause, Bird, Cat, Didgeridoo, Dog, Knock, Laughter, Music, Rooster, Speech, Phone, and Whistling.
The only presently supported transcription language is English (US.)
You can directly upload the audio document (.M4a) and transcription (.Txt) to Google Drive by means of long-pressing on a saved recording after deciding on “Save to Google Drive” within the menu.

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