Hello and welcome to the JavaScript SEO series.
I’m Martin splits a webmaster developments analyst here at Google.

In this video collection, we can explain how Google search and JavaScript paintings together and what that means for search engine marketing.

So let’s have a look at how Google crawls and indexes your web sites for a second. It starts by using our crawler traveling internet web page as every other browser would do; it then passes the content it sees onto the indexing level. That is where the content material is parsed and stored in our index. When hyperlinks are detected, they’re surpassed back to the crawler, and the cycle keeps.

But what if a number of the content material is generated via JavaScript. Well, JavaScript calls for a further level within the cycle, the rendering degree. Googlebot executes JavaScript while rendering the page but due to the fact this rendering level is high-priced it can’t always be finished straight away. Separating indexing and presenting lets in us to index content material this is to be had without JavaScript as rapid as feasible and to come back lower back and upload content that does require JavaScript at a later time.

The internet is big, like honestly in reality huge. So Google has visible over 130 trillion internet pages rendering all those pages take the time. Deferring the execution of JavaScript allows us to get most of the content material as speedy as feasible at the same time as now not lacking out on the content that does require a JavaScript to be run.

But what does that imply on your content material? It means that Googlebot can execute JavaScript on your web page, but it may take longer for that content material to seem or update in seek. How long it takes for Google to render your pages depends on many different factors, and we can’t make any guarantees right here. The rendering level is run as an excellent effort. If getting content material listed quickly is a concern check out the episodes on the extraordinary rendering strategies and the JavaScript as basics episode.

It’s worthwhile bringing up that JavaScript can be quite high-priced. It desires to be downloaded parsed and finished. Making positive the users get the content material as quickly as possible and leveraging the modern parsing and rendering of HTML is a beautiful way to do so. It’s appropriate to remember that at the same time as Googlebot can run most JavaScript, different crawlers or social media marketers, may not be able to accomplish that yet. There are methods you can deal with those user marketers gracefully – we will go into that during one of the destiny episodes. We will even explore the way to make JavaScript primarily based websites work correctly with Google seek, which includes answering common questions and searching at tools that help your contents search engine marketing.

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