Park Seo Joon responded questions from enthusiasts in a new Q&A video on his legitimate YouTube channel!

The video uploaded on October 7 consists of Park Seo Joon responding to a fan who requested if the reason he’s emerging as extra playful these days is that he’s picked it up from his younger idol buddies. He laughed and defined that there are instances when he acts very rationally, however, while he gets excited, his playfulness just comes out obviously. He shared that he thinks fans might suppose that he appears greater playful recently due to the fact he’s in a position to reveal greater of himself on YouTube.

Park Seo Joon became additionally requested if he has any particular senses or skills. “As an actor, I try and word each trivial aspect,” he said. While he clarified that he doesn’t consider it as a skill but extra of a habit, he went directly to explain that he’s continually watching other human beings to advantage inspiration for the characters he’s playing.

“I used to take a seat on the subway and have a look at the individual seated across from me and surprise, ‘How does this character stay their life?’” he stated. “I’ve heard that it could be an extremely good assist when creating characters. It ends up the addiction of mine to take a look at.” He shared examples along with the manner that someone reading a newspaper would possibly have their legs crossed or fold the paper in a completely unique way, and stated that he’s taking a number of those details to use when he’s growing his very own characters.

One query from a fan became approximately while Park Seo Joon felt the most strength because of the movements of a fan helping him. The actor answered that fans are a supply of motivation for him, and he defined how operating in any such repetitive way on set with out rest can from time to time make him sense like a gadget, which places him in a daze.

“I try to go back to my original intentions and inform myself, ‘You shouldn’t experience like that!’” he stated. He defined that feedback from fans approximately his work is a supply of motivation for him at those instances. “For instance, once I end an undertaking, humans will remark to mention such things as, ‘I changed into feeling so down however watching Park Seo Joon’s work made me experience healed,’ or ‘I became going via a lot of struggles but I turned into at least satisfied at some point of the one’s moments.’ When I see that, it makes me sense advocated.”

Park Seo Joon celebrated his 8th debut anniversary this summertime, and he turned into asked with the aid of a fan what position he’d want to take on once he reaches his tenth anniversary.

“As an actor, in relation to landing a mission, the timing must be right,” he stated. “What I want to do is critical however what people need me to do at the time is also absolutely crucial. And to be sensible, the manufacturing state of affairs and investments are definitely crucial too. An undertaking comes together while all of those matters match.”

“So what role I need to play isn’t the most vital thing, if I’m to the appearance in advance to 2 years from now,” he stated. “Rather than watching for a function, I must move and seek it out. When I need a function with a sure temper, I especially look out for works like that. And I think that it’s destiny when I land a positive work at a sure time.” Park Seo Joon added that he feels that manner about the drama he’s filming now as well, “Itaewon Class.”

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