Anantya Anand, 10, has been on cloud nine for the past weeks. Late ultimate month, she met and hung out with actor Madhuri Dixit even as working on a sponsored video. “Most women her age like Alia Bhatt, however, Anantya has always been a Madhuri fan. Shaking a leg with the actor changed into like a dream come true for her,” says Anantya’s mom Nisha Anand, who has her own cookery channel on the video-sharing platform.

Like the actor, Anantya is a celeb, too.

Over the closing 5 years, the Noida-based youngster has drawn four. Five million subscribers to her slice-of-lifestyles-video channel MyMissAnand on YouTube. One of the trendy motion pictures at the channel is set on how “regular” children behave all through the weeklong Navratri festival. The video, which subtly takes a dig at “rich” kids’ antics throughout this era, has over 5 million perspectives. A video on cheating in assessments showcases why the practice will get you in hassle. Another one, on faux as opposed to actual friendships, has over eleven million views and counting.

Anantya belongs to a brand new breed of content creators — the children’s influencers. They are six-to-12-12 months-olds presenting in films across genres — including making a song, dancing, slime-making, sketches, demanding situations and critiques of toys, video games, and films. “They have a novelty issue connected to their content material and acuteness quotient,” says Lakshmi Balasubramanian, founding the father of digital advertising employer Greenroom. “And they may be extraordinarily talented children.

Ergo, loads of brands in toys, video games, meals and apparel for kids, are keen to collaborate with them.”
In the past yr, Anantya has worked on subsidized motion pictures with channels Disney and Nickelodeon, toymaker Mattel, and speedy-meals employer McDonald’s, her mother says. But Anand is reluctant to speak approximately revenue. However, digital marketing agencies count number Anantya a few of the most top-rated influencers in the class and say she will rate up to Rs 2-three lakh consistent with video.

While Instagram is the mainstay of online influencers, YouTube is wherein the little creators are most lively. “Kids are more into looking DIY videos and cartoons, space higher served by using YouTube in the meantime,” says Arjun Sahu, Anantya’s uncle who manages the enterprise for her channel.
Their towering presence across social media platforms gives them aspect companies look for — have an effect on fans. Marketing groups peg the influencer marketing area to be well worth Rs 1,2 hundred crores in India. The youngsters’ influencers marketplace is simplest a fragment of the complete pie right now, although the marketplace length isn’t to be had. “In some years, it may be one-tenth of the maximum revenue-producing phase in that enterprise — the tech influencers, who are regarded to price up to Rs 25 lakh in line with video,” says Balasubramanian. “Yet,” she adds, “a lot of those children are paid on a par with fashion and beauty bloggers — 2d inside the influencer hierarchy after tech bloggers — due to increasing call for and restrained delivery of content creators.”

Relevant brands that ET Magazine reached out to stated it became early days to touch upon their influencer campaigns. Balasubramanian says: “The class is small but rising. With greater kids entering the gap, greater brands will show interest.”

They have every cause to. According to the Indian Kids Digital Insights 2019 — a look at performed by using Totally Awesome, an international kids’ digital media company — seventy-three % of children ingesting digital content material ask their dad and mom to shop for something because a toddler influencer had it or used it. 81% of dad and mom buy matters their children need because they were marketed with the aid of a baby influencer, the observe provides.

Besides Anantya, there are at least 7 prominent children’s influencers in India at present. One of them is a pair of siblings from Kota in Rajasthan whose YouTube channel Aayu and Pihu Show has over three.9 million subscribers. Featuring Ayush (Aayu) Kalra, 6, and his elder sister Prakruti (Pihu) Kalra, 12, the show consists of comedy sketches and project videos that quit with an ethical.

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